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Tariff calculator

Calculate the cost of calls, SMS and Internet traffic when you are outside the “Home Zone”, or if you have already used up the limits included in your service package.

Outside the “Home Zone”, services are charged per minute/per megabyte/per piece according to the tariff for the country of your stay. Also, when making outgoing calls and sending SMS from the countries of the “Home Zone” to countries outside of it, per-minute/piece tariffing is applied in addition to the subscription fee according to the tariff.

When using the Elon tariff, calls made, SMS and Internet use are paid upon use according to the tariff calculator.

Calculate the cost per minute of an outgoing call
The cost of 1 minute of conversation is
Calculate the Cost per Incoming Call per Minute
The cost per 1 min call
Calculate the Cost of SMS
The cost of 1 SMS is
Calculate the Cost of 1MB of Data
The cost of 1 MB of Internet is
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