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1. The cost of the tariff plan is 100.00 (One hundred) rubles. per month.

2. The tariff plan is valid for subscribers - individuals and legal entities.

3. For the tariff plan, an advance payment procedure is established.

4. Made calls, SMS and Internet use are paid upon use, that is, for services actually rendered according to the tariffs posted on the official website of Global Telecom LLC.

5. All prices are indicated in rubles including VAT (20%).

6. All prices are indicated per tariff unit (1 minute / 1 SMS / 1 MB).

7. Data transfer services are charged as follows: the charging interval for the first Internet session in each billing period is increased to 1,024 KB. Rounding occurs after the end of the Internet session. The charging interval for the second and subsequent Internet sessions is 150 KB, rounded up.

8. SMS containing more than 70 (seventy) characters in Cyrillic or 160 (one hundred and sixty) in Latin are broken into parts. Each part is charged as a separate SMS.

9. When located on the territory of the Russian Federation, telephone connections of less than 3 (three) seconds are not charged.

10. The billing period is 1 (one) calendar month in which communication services were provided.

11. When connecting/switching to the “V-Numbers” tariff plan not from the first day, the subscription fee is not charged in full, but in proportion to the number of days until the end of the month. Starting from the second month, the subscription fee is written off on the first day in full.

12. The tariff plan provides communication services throughout the coverage area of the V-Tell network. Communication services include outgoing and incoming mobile communications, mobile Internet, SMS.

13. Changing the tariff plan is free and is possible at the subscriber's request to any tariff plan, provided there are sufficient funds in the subscriber's personal account.

14. In case of failure to pay for the tariff on the first day of the calendar month, the contract is terminated unilaterally and the subscriber loses access to the numbers.

15. After termination of the contract, restoration of the subscriber number is impossible.

16. The following services are available within the tariff plan:

16.1 SIM card delivery V-Tell To the subscriber: “Check the details with the Customer Service Department.”

< p>16.2. “Multi-rooms.”

17. Calls and SMS to/from numbers: 9090 when within the coverage area of the V-Tell network are provided free of charge.

18. When located on the territory of the Russian Federation, outgoing calls to numbers 8-800 are provided free of charge.

19. The cost of forwarded calls corresponds to the cost of an outgoing call to the forwarding direction and is charged in accordance with the tariff plan.

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