• Living abroad?
    Make yourself constantly available to the banks, your business partners, and government organizations at your local number.
  • Doing business overseas?
    All your international mobile numbers on a single SIM card, permanently active at the same time.
  • Traveling the world?
    Wherever you are in the world – you are at home. Enjoy no roaming in 51 countries, and forget about extra charges.
  • Studying abroad?
    Stay in touch with your loved ones at your local mobile number.
  • So F-TELL cell service is for you!
    Please find all the benefits in a short video

How to Become a Subscriber

One F-Tell SIM card allows you to get an unlimited quantity of phone numbers, including internet and mobile services, with no roaming.

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  • Order SIM card
  • Monitor your balance, manage your plan
  • Add and manage your numbers in one touch

With F-Tell you can get an unlimited amount of local and international numbers on one SIM card

  • Your plan includes 2 numbers: a Russian one and a foreign number of your choice
  • Your plan includes 51 roaming free countries (Home Zone). You are at home in any country.
  • You will be able to add/acquire an unlimited amount of local and international phone numbers.

F-TELL users

Go Global. Stay Local.
The world is within your touch.

Experience a convenient multi-local and foreign number SIM card designed for a global community. Having a single F-Tell SIM card gives you access to over 90 international phone numbers, at any given time.

No matter what country you are physically in, you can become a Subscriber of a different country. All your numbers are always active for calls and SMS, so you can enjoy communicating, texting, using the internet, and accessing all the apps you need.

Enjoy limitless freedom. Travel light.
Make the most of your cell phone.


Coverage map

Communicate without borders

* Coverage may vary. List of countries is subject to change.
* List of countries may vary.
* List of countries may vary.
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